Flute Duo

Cathryn Lai and Anna Hansen-Lane Flute duo creates exciting music, playing classical, pop and contemporary genres. We massage out beautiful harmonies and rhythms in the music. We are available to perform at private parties, weddings, store openings and events.

We are located in Northwest Montana, in the beautiful Flathead Valley about 25 miles from Glacier National Park.

Cathryn Lai

Cathryn has been playing the flute since 5th grade. She is a member of the Flathead Valley Community Band, the founding member of the Timber Winds woodwind quintet, and the Flute Duo.

Anna Hansen-Lane

Anna is retired from teaching elementary general music and band for 30+ years. She plays with the Glacier Symphony, a Celtic group called Irish FolknFun, and the Flute Duo


The Flute Duo plays many genres of music which include: classical, baroque, romantic, operatic, pop, broadway, and Jazz. Below are a few samples of our music

Sample MP3s (more to come)

  • Crested Hens- The original title of The Crested Hens is Les Poules Huppees and was written by Gilles Chabenat in 1983. It has been recorded by many groups, in a variety of styles, including a beautiful slow version by Solas. We like the dancing feel of this one.
  • The Flower Duet-The Flower Duet was originally written for 2 sopranos and comes from the opera Lakme, written in 1883 by Leo Delibes.

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